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How to Clean Bad ESN IMEI for Lost or Stolen Sprint iPhone

Sprint Imei Cleaning

If you mistakenly bought a used Sprint iPhone that’s blacklisted due to lost or stolen,

there is a way to fix it remotely.


What is an ESN/IMEI Number?

Many people have phones but don’t know what an IMEI number stands for.

IMEI are initials for ‘’International Mobile Equipment Identity’’.

It is a 14-16 digits long number that only matches with one mobile equipment.

IMEI looks so much close like a Social Security Number

but now it is a number built specifically for mobile equipment.

Meanwhile, an ESN is short for Electric Serial Number which represents a specific device.

It works as a way of documentation of a CDMA device.

Why it’s important to check IMEI number and ESN number?

An IMEI number or an ESN number to a phone is like a VIN Number in a car.

If the phone is stolen, the authorities can track it easily using ESN or an IMEI number.

IMEI number or ESN number once used to track a mobile phone,

they provide all the details including the phone model, specs and the carrier that the phone was bought from.

IMEI number specifically identifies the phone model being used in a specific network.

What this means is that with an IMEI number

the phone can be blocked from a specific network easily.

If you want to get your phone IMEI number,

just dial *#06# on your iPhone and the IMEI number will appear.

You can as well go to the phone’s settings>General settings>about

and then all your device specifics will appear.

Another thing that you should note is that IMEI numbers are stored

in the phones memory and not in the SIM cards.

What this means is that swapping SIM cards cannot stop

a phone from being blocked from a particular network.

With an ESN number, there are little chances that the data in your phone

will fall in the wrong hands. If you ensure all the

previous data not only the pictures and the contacts are secured,

the there’s no one else that can get a hand on it easily.

On the other hand, mobile operators can use IMEI number to identify

valid iPhone subscribers. They can as well disable the device remotely

upon detecting some malicious activities with the device.

If the iPhone is stolen or if lost, the user can as well report to notify the operator of the issue.

The first thing before recovering the phone is to disable it.

However, if one mobile operator disabled an iPhone,

then it can as well be used with other operators in other parts of the world.

The good thing is that the mobile operator can find details about the owner

of the phone and end up returning the phone to the initial owner.

The other important thing to note is that once the phone is on another operator’s hands,

you must first of all proof that all the previous dues and fees are cleared before you can use it.

What is a bad ESN?

An iPhone cannot be used with a different SIM card unless you visit the seller for deactivation.

As a matter of fact, a bad ESN Number can mean several things.

If you hear someone talking about a bad ESN,

they are probably trying to activate their device with a carrier but the process

isn’t possible for some reasons.

This means that the original owner of the device switched between carriers.

A bad ESN number can as well mean that the initial owner of the iPhone

had an outstanding amount of unpaid bills and fees.

They may have cancelled the account without first of all clearing with the lender.

It can also turn to be a bad ESN if the initial owner didn’t have a bill

or an outstanding fee but the contract still holds.

If they canceled sooner than the due date for the contract, it can as well be trouble.

A termination fee is imposed based on the remaining period of contract.

What this means is that the initial

owner may be having no bills and fees but has an outstanding termination fee that is unpaid.

However, one of the most common reasons why an

ESN is termed as bad is if the initial owner had already reported the device as stolen or lost.

What is a Blacklisted IMEI?

If an IMEI is blacklisted, then it means almost the same thing as a bad ESN

for those devices that work on CDMA networks like Sprint or Verizon.

The main reason why your iPhone IMEI is blacklisted

is so that you as an owner will not be able to activate it in any carrier not even the original one.

An IMEI is blacklisted to prevent phone theft and reselling of stolen or lost iPhones.

What to do if the iPhone has a blacklisted IMEI or a bad ESN number

In case you were tricked to buy an iPhone with either a bad ESN Number or a blacklisted

IMEI number, then don’t worry. There are several things that you can do to uncover the cost.

One of them is to ask the buyer for a refund.

If you bought this iPhone from a retailer or an online shop,

then you’re lucky because you can always get in touch with the provider.

They can provide you with a refund or if possible compensate for the inconvenience.

Some of the online stores have ‘’Refund Policies’’ that defines how a sold item can be returned for a refund.

On the other hand, the rain will start beating you if you bought the iPhone from a person you met in the town.

However, if you cannot be able to return the device for a refund, there are several other things that you can do.

If there’s no other way of reconciling with the calls,

use the phone as a gaming console or an iPod.

You can install games on it or keep watching videos over the YouTube.

You can as well install applications like Skype and use them as an alternative to phone calls.

Can you check if your iPhone IMEI is blacklisted?

The first step here is to retrieve the IMEI and the ESN numbers.

There are several ways that you can locate your iPhone’s IMEI and ESN Numbers.

You can check on the original box specifically around the barcodes.

The other mechanism is to go to the phone’s settings>General settings>About, and all the phone information including IMEI and ESN numbers will appear.

If you’re using an iPhone, then you can find ESN number in the

SIM card tray when you pull it out and some iPhones get it engraved at the back of the case.

If you don’t have all that time checking for IMEI and ESN information,

just dial *#06# on your iPhone and all that information will pop-up.